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Concept Art

Concept Art

Before we can bring your character to life, we will need concept art from you. Concept art is the blueprint that we work from to design your costume. Having accurate concept art is critical for us to make sure that your costume turns out exactly as you want it!

We accept most forms of concept art that meet these criteria:

– Depicts a bipedal (two-legged) character
– Shows all sides of the design (3+ poses from different angles is helpful)
– Shows all the markings and features you want to appear
– Matches your desired costume in general shape and style
– Can reasonably be converted into a costume

When planning your concept art, think carefully about how you want your final costume to look when you wear it. Remember: the concept art will be our primary source for your design. The more exact the concept art, the better.

Here’s an example of how we take concept art and turn it into a costume:

Free to Use Reference Sheets

If you do not have concept art of your character, you are welcome to use any of the below templates as a starting point! Simply color in your character’s markings. You may also make additional edits to the template if necessary.

Reference sheet templates are © Don’t Hug Cacti, LLC. These are free to use for non commercial, personal use.