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Care Guide

Putting On

  • Zip up your zipper slowly, being sure to not catch anything in the zipper. It is always easier to have a second person to help you in and out of your suit.
  • We recommend wearing heat gear Under Armor or some form of moisture-wicking material under your suit. This allows for the best movement, helps keep your suit clean, and helps keep you cool.
  • Be extra careful when handling the head. Do not hang on by the ears or nose. Do not tug forcefully on the neck.
  • Be mindful of anything around that could stain or damage your costume.

After Use

  • With each commission, we have supplied you with a fur brush. We recommend using this before and after each time you perform. This keeps the fur fibers in the best shape.
  • Turn your suit inside out and spray thoroughly with disinfectant spray. We recommend a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl rubbing alcohol & water. This kills bacteria without leaving behind a chemical residue.
  • Spray down the rest of the suit as well, including the inside of the head. The suit should be placed in front of a fan to accelerate the drying process.
  • Avoid spraying airbrushed areas or delicate areas such as the eyes.
  • Be sure the costume is fully dry before storing or wearing again.


  • Bodies with minimal or no airbrushing are machine-washable. Flip the body inside out and use cold water and a delicate cycle.
  • You can safely use laundry detergent.
  • Hand paws, feet paws, and tails can also be delicately machine washed.
  • Be very careful with any airbrushed spots.
  • Place items that can’t be turned inside out inside of a laundry bag or pillow case to protect it inside of the washing machine.
  • NEVER use heat on your costume. Heat can melt the fibers. Always air-dry and periodically brush out any recently washed fur until it is fully dry. We do not recommend using a dryer on your fursuit, even on no-heat settings. Fans will help dry it out faster.
  • Always be careful when cleaning any part of your costume, especially the head. It is the most fragile piece. Surface wash with a cold cloth, or disinfect with rubbing alcohol. Do not submerge completely in water. You can also use a handheld carpet/upholstery cleaner with a 50% rubbing alcohol 50% water solution.
  • Never hang a sopping wet bodysuit as the extra weight can stretch it out. Use the machine’s spin cycle to spin the water out or drape the wet suit over a chair in front of a fan.


  • Never store the suit unless has been sprayed with disinfectant and is completely dry.
  • Always try to hang the suit right-side-out on a hanger. It can also be stored neatly folded.
  • Make sure there is ample room for the head.
  • Never store anything on top of any part of your suit.
  • If you are short on space, suits can be stored in a large plastic tote. These are easy to find and very cheap. They work great for quick transporting too!
  • Do not store a suit in direct sunlight or in a damp location.


  • When traveling by car, use a hard plastic tote to store your suit. Fold everything nicely and don’t over-stuff the tote. Make sure the head is on top and has room around it. Never place anything on top of the tote!
  • Don’t forget your disinfectant spray and brush!
  • Traveling by plane is tricky. If you can, mail your suit to a friend or to your hotel. Otherwise find a large enough hard travel suitcase. Type up directions on how to fit the suit back into your suitcase for when it’s inspected and taken out by the airline. Also putting a photo of what’s in your suitcase may help you, as suits likely look unusual going through the airline’s X-ray machine.
  • Do not rely on taping your suit if you’re on an airplane. Most airlines will inspect taped packages. Make sure you use a suitcase with a manual lock or something that clips closed.