Commission Information

Please read our Terms, Conditions and Service.

How to Get a Quote

When we are accepting new commissions, feel free to email us with a reference sheet and description of your commission idea. We will then be able to give you an accurate quote. Due to factors such as fluctuating cost of supplies, quotes of a specific character may change over time. Quotes will not be changed once a price and completion date is set.

  • We will not be able to change the commission once work has started. Once we have agreed on the final concept art, that is what will be made.
  • We will not make copyrighted characters.
  • We will not make duplicate characters.
  • We only accept appropriate reference material.

Payment Process:

  • We require a 30% non refundable down payment to hold your commission slot. The commission month will be your start and completion month. Your down payment will be used towards purchasing supplies specific to your commission, and will allow us to begin work as needed.
  • Remaining payments need to be completely paid off by the month before your commission month. If your slot is for February, the final payment needs to be made no later than January 1st. Keep in mind, the sooner it's paid off, the sooner we can start on it. Occasionally, we are able to complete commissions early if they are paid off early.
  • Failure to complete payments on time will result in your commission being pushed back.

Payment methods:

  1. Money Orders: These can be purchased at local banks, grocery stores and/or gas stations, then mailed to us.
  2. Paypal: The safest form of payment.
  3. Cashier's Checks: These can be obtained through your bank. Some accounts will allow you to use these for free.

**We do not accept personal checks**

Duct Tape Dummies:

For all full suits, we require a duct tape dummy to be made and shipped to the studio. We will be more than happy to help you along in this process if you have not made one before. We also have a tutorial specific for our customers on our website.

Duct tape dummies are a crucial part of your commission. The better the dummy you make, the better idea of your body type we will have and the better we can fit the costume to you. Unusable dummies will be sent back in order to be remade.

Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial Page


All of our commissions are guaranteed for 60 days. Any alterations to the suit will void your warranty. These are highly detailed creations, they will not last forever. See our Care Guide to extend their life.